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Such as are your habitual thoughts, such also will be the character of your mind; for the soul is dyed by the thoughts.” -Marcus Aurelius

Breaking The Habit Of Me is about finding out about how much of my life and the lives of others exist due to our habits. How much of our lives are stuck on auto-pilot? An auto-pilot that has been programmed by others and indeed by ourselves when we aren’t fully present.

I will explore with you the habits we have in our thinking that hold us back from being ourselves, and that have us looking outside of ourselves for who we should be, rather than allowing our true selves to unfold, grow and flourish.

My name is Keith Clarke, and I love working with people to explore and reveal who they are. I get immense satisfaction working with my clients and taking the journey with them through their learning and unfolding. A wonderful by-product of this is the learning I go through myself.

I am a first and foremost a father to my two beautiful kids. For fun and making a living I am a qualified Life Coach; an HR Manager; a General Manager; a Songwriter; a Musician; a Singer; a Poet; a Dreamer; a Blogger; a Friend; a Brother; a Son; an Employee; an Employer; a Movie Lover; an Avid Reader; a courageous person; and a scaredy-cat.

If you feel like it is time for a change, time to turn off the auto-pilot, then join me in our explorations by subscribing to receive new posts. I would love for you to join in our discussions here as I sincerely believe everyone has something to offer, something to teach others.

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