Scared To Reveal The True You? 12 Reasons To Take Charge Of Your Representative


“But in the end one needs more courage to live than to kill himself.” – Albert Camus

A Guest Post On A Blog About Suicide

Firstly, I would like to apologise for my absence. I have had some personal issues to deal with that have taken priority over everything else in my life, including my blog.


This week’s post is a short one. As much as I like to ramble on, life is sometimes more important. However, things sometimes touch you in a way you don’t expect. Even in the midst of a crisis.


Why would someone contemplate suicide?

Have you ever considered it?

What gives you hope?


I would like to direct you to a guest post I have written for the wonderful Bri over at Down From The Ledge. My guest post started as a comment on her blog in response to two of her articles, but mutated into something much bigger. My response is entitled Scared To Reveal The True You? 12 Reasons To Take Charge Of Your Representative. Just click on the link to read.


Generally, Bri writes about the taboo subject of suicide. Even though you or I may never have considered this as an option, Bri courageously shares her thoughts with us, and I believe we can all learn from her brutal honesty to appreciate and understand our lives more.


The reason why I bring this to your attention is that, even though she has been on the brink and many of us haven’t, she has a way of looking at life that can make you think about what is important.


The fact that she is still with us is what is important to me. I have never met her, and I don’t really know her. But the fact that what she has written has touched me proves that she has managed to impact at least one person by staying alive. And I am 100% sure I am not the only one.


I would like to thank Bri, firstly  for sharing her personal experiences with us all (and I believe that some people that read her posts will change direction), and secondly for giving me the honour of writing for her website.


My guest post is a response to two of Bri’s articles about how not being ‘real’ with ourselves and others can lead us to a place of isolation and despair. You can read the article here. Please do leave a comment over on Bri’s blog or on here. I am interested in your views and whether or not YOU have a representative.


I hope to be back on track with my weekly posts now and I look forward as always to hearing your comments, so please do share your thoughts.


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6 Responses to Scared To Reveal The True You? 12 Reasons To Take Charge Of Your Representative

  1. Robyn Swaim says:

    I just went thru this not long ago with a good friend. He has regularly threatened suicide, but this time he said it and disappeared. Luckily I was able to get in touch with the local sheriff and they did a welfare check. And also luckily, somewhere along the way he changed his mind. I won’t go into the “why’s” this happened. But it was a pretty hectic time for me. I’m just glad he changed his mind.


    • Keith says:

      Welcome Robyn,

      So great to see you here. A much better place than Facebook don’t you think? ;p

      It sounds like it was a horrid time. I am happy to hear your friend decided to stay with us though.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Catch up with you again soon.


  2. Vishnu says:

    I enjoyed that guest post. Welcome back – looking forward to more to come from BTH of Me.


    • Keith says:

      Thanks for the welcome back, Vishnu.

      Glad you enjoyed the post and thanks for your comment over at Down From The Ledge.


  3. I appreciate your words Keith; we’re glad you’re back!

    I find the Camus quote a little dangerous, because the implication is that suicide is the cowardly choice. If it were the easy choice, a lot more people would do it. A lot. And it’s a good thing it’s so hard, or some of us wouldn’t be here.


    • Keith says:

      Hi Bri,

      And Thank You :)

      Now that you mention it I can see why it could be a bit dangerous. I think I was trying to acknowledge the strength of those that have come through and how hard it can be.


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