A Brave New World (for me anyway)



I am half-way through my life, and I have finally realised that I am not living the life I could be living. Through collected habits and fears, and doing what I felt like I should be doing to be accepted by others, I have been living  life based on a paint-by-numbers system given to me by family, friends, society and media (all with the best intentions of course). But guess what? It isn’t working!


I believe that how we are on a day-to-day basis is an accumulation of habits we have developed since birth. Things that worked for us in the past, which at the time were useful, are no longer helping us. In fact they can now hold us back from flourishing as the person we truly are. Habits are not who we are. They are what we do.


So Breaking The Habit Of Me is not about rejecting who I am. It is not about creating the person I think I should be. It is about allowing myself to be me, by removing those habits that are getting in the way. Well, I believe it is never too late to change, and I also believe that everyone can change. So here goes.


I will be sharing thoughts and musings that I hope will inspire the right kind of thinking for both me and you. Through my own experiences I aim to explore and break my bad habits. I aim to help you and I approach the different situations and problems we come across in life (big and small), by trying things out and sharing my results and thoughts with you. These will range from the philosophical to the spiritual and the downright practical.


Anyone interested in finding out ways to improve their lot and live a life according to who they really are, I hope you will join me on my journey. I also hope you will allow me to share in yours. I want this to be an interactive experience, where everyone has the opportunity to meet new people, vent some spleen, and learn a few things along the way. Life is a truly wonderful thing when we don’t get in our own way :-)


So I look forward to getting to know those of you that will join me on this journey. Do ask questions. Do leave comments. As these will be my ongoing inspiration on what to write. One thing I have learned is that any problems I have had, someone else has had them too. And as messed up a species as we are at times, we can also be truly amazing in our resourcefulness, compassion, and ingenuity. And when that is shared, wonderful things can happen.


I plan at the start to write at least one post a week, while I cautiously tip-toe through this new terrain. As it gathers momentum I will increase this. So thank you for joining me on Life’s Journey Shared. Let’s make some changes and some new friends.




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8 Responses to A Brave New World (for me anyway)

  1. Vishnu says:

    Keith – first of all a big hearty congratulations!

    I think the fact that you’ve kicked off this blog and going to be blogging regularly is a great habit that you should blog about – lol – how you kicked off your blogging habit:)

    I also appreciate the fact that you say it’s not about rejecting you or becoming someone new but becoming more of who you are. That is profound right there. I think we all have these great qualities in us that have gone into hiding for some reason or other.

    A blog that’s spiritual, philosophical and practical; can’t wait to sign up! Looking forward of more to come and sharing your habit journey and our blogging journey together.


    • Keith says:

      Hey Vishnu,

      Thanks for leaving my first comment! Exciting journey ahead for both of us :)

      I am also grateful for your support and encouragement that have helped me get to this moment. Truly appreciated.

      Looking forward to the shared journey!


      PS – I highly recommend that anyone reading this head over to Vishnu’s blog. You won’t be disappointed.


  2. Reeta Luthra says:

    Hi Keith – The kind of lives we “could” be living are like parallel universes and I reckon each one comes with it’s own habits, fears and should’s.

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot myself – combine this with the theory (unproven of course) that we deliberately chose to come into the life and circumstances we were born into, and I feel that there is a safety net there even if it’s obscured.

    “The allowing myself to be me” is important too I think. I’ve used the word “change” a lot myself but now I’m wondering if change is the right word.

    Trees grow and change but they still remain a tree, providing homes for the creepy-crawlies, birds and bees. Even if the trees don’t like all the burrowing that goes on, they still continue being trees as magnificently as they can because they can’t help it.

    Does that make sense?


    • Keith says:

      Hi Reeta,

      Many thanks for your comment!

      It makes perfect sense. And I think you are right in questioning the word change. It implies something is wrong with us intrinsically, which it isn’t. It is like I said in the post, habits are not who we are, but what we do.

      I suppose it is more about having a self-awareness about why we think or act the way we do. What is based on fear, or expectations, or auto-pilot? I believe a lot of how I have lived my life has been governed by these. Not all of it, but enough. Habits I have developed that I have never questioned.

      The tree does change, but in a way that is of itself. It doesn’t change based on it’s own or others expectations, to suit it’s environment, or because it fears being a tree :) It allows itself to be despite the burrowing :-)


  3. Hi Keith,

    I enjoyed your post very much indeed. I have reached similar conclusions to yourself regarding my life and I too have begun trying to change. I must confess that I like how you have expressed habits as what we do but not who we are. That is food for thought right there.
    Good luck with your blog!


    • Keith says:

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for taking the time to read the post and comment. Appreciated!

      I genuinely think it is true regarding our habits. We get lost on auto-pilot for so long that we start to believe that what we do is who we are. For those of us that are fully self aware and have consciously directed our lives according to our true selves, that won’t be the case. I know I am certainly not there… Yet :)



  4. Izzy says:

    Hi Keith, this is the first time I read this post.

    I can feel your sincerity man. I get downright irritated when people that are older than me use their age as a copout. I hear this a lot from late 30 year old and some 40 year olds. I have read quite a few of your other posts and I think what you are doing is straight up awesome.

    You are owning the fact that you want to be a better person (don’t we all?) and then taking steps to make it happen.


    • Keith says:

      Hey Izzy,

      I really don’t know what to say to that other than a sincere “Thank You!”

      Really appreciated :D


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